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        NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE TURKISH MARKET                                                                                Brand :  DEXIM       





Distribution & Franchise: Dexim S.A.
Tel: +30 210 6217691
E-mail: info@dexim.gr
Web site: www.dexim.gr

Style, value and variety in one brand

Dexim the style company S.A. is a leading footwear retailer that offers a wide selection of dress and casual footwear for women, men and children.

With 20 years of existence in the Greek market the customers prefer it for its value for money products and its quality. Dexim has managed not only to create loyal customers, but also profitable relationships throughout the country. It is an expanding and well known brand with know-how on the shoe industry that offers all the tools to the franchisees for successful partnerships.

Its loyal customers can find the shoes of Dexim in several places in Greece thanks to a constantly developing network that consists of 26 company owned stores, in 12 cities and 3 franchise stores all over Greece. The Turkish market is very important for Dexim with great potentialities for successful development

«A low cost investment that ensures a very short amortization and high performance»

A shopping experience for everyone

The main concern for Dexim is to create a shopping experience, able to satisfy all the needs of the customers even the most demanding ones, by offering the style, the variety and the value they desire.

Its commitment for style, convenience and value maximizes its ability to appeal customers from a broad range of socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds.

One of its competitive advantages that make it unique in its field is the fact that it offers the latest fashion trends by the top quality producers from all around the world in "value for money" prices.

The customers that choose Dexim look for value and quality in the product and they are style conscious shoppers who have passion for footwear.

The advantages of becoming part of the network 

The franchise system of DEXIM offers to its partners the ability to become members of a big family that is one of the most dynamic brands in the Greek market.

Its business model based on process excellence, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, differentiates it from its competitors and ensures a profitable, win win cooperation with the franchisees.

With remarkable locations, unique store design and spectacular assortment, Dexim consists a great business opportunity for profitable business growth. 

It offers:

  • Exclusivity by region
  • Study & expertise in the construction and designing of the store
  • Reduced risk
  • A rich season collection with great variety of products
  • Continuous support & advertising by the mother company
  • In depth training on the philosophy and  methodology of the company.



Download here DEXIM franchise presentation


84A, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., Halandri
Tel.: +30 1210.6752868,  Fax: +30 1210.6752864

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